5 Things to Get Your Dog Ready For Winter (2)

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  • By Outdoor K9


The thought of winter may be one of excitement and anticipation or one of sadness and longing for the summer days behind us, or simply one of grudging acceptance. However you feel about the coming winter, you cannot deny that there’s a bite in the air of late.

With that in mind, your dog’s needs in winter are different from those in summer. While the summer may be filled with frolicking in the swamp cooler vest and chasing after Frisbees and water toys, the winter will require warmth, comfort, and maybe some play in the snow.

Of course, the perfect time to prepare for winter is coming up! Here’s our must-have list for the coming winter:


Cozy bed or blanket. Your pal needs a cozy warm spot as much as you do in the winter months. Here are a few options for the dog-nest:

Mt. Bachelor Pad by Ruffwear, $69.95-89.95.
Big Sky Blanket by West Paw Design, $29-59.

Boots. It only takes moments before snow and ice packs itself in between the pads of your dog's paws. Not only is it hard for your dog to walk on the snowballed pads, it saps their heat quickly, putting them at risk for hypothermia. Here are a few options to keep your pup's paws warm:

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots, $31.95-34.95.
Pawz Dog Boots, $17.95-$19.95.
Ruffwear Boots, see in store.
Musher's Secret Barrier Wax, $14.95-34.95.

Coat. Some dogs are made for winter. Others need a little help to stay warm. Here are some coats we recommend:

Fernie Jacket $59.95

Cloud Chaser Jacket $79.95

Powder Hound Jacket $89.95

Treats. Treats are good for any time of year, but now might be the time to try something new. Especially if you'd like something for your dog to chew on for a while. Here are treats you might try:

Ziwi Peak 'Good Dog' Rewards, $6.95-8.95.
Boulder Dog Lung Cubes, $13.95-$14.95.
Indigenous Dental Bones, $19.95.

Toys. Chances are, you won't be playing fetch outside very much for the next several months. With that in mind, we picked out some tug toys, chew toys, "buddy" toys, and of course, the ski-joring system for you both to enjoy! Check these out:

Sqwash by Ruffwear. $14.95.
Eco Tugger by Honest Pet Products, $8.95-19.95.
Eco Owl Buddy by Honest Pet Products, $9.95-16.95.
WP Bumi by West Paw Design, $11.95-14.95.
Omnijore Joring System by Ruffwear, $174.95.